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Custom Homes

Priced from $175,000 and up

Anyone can have a custom home; all it takes is the desire and an idea of what you want.

John Davis Building & Design Inc. is flexible to your needs and budget. Extensive relationships between the builder and subcontractors are ideal for a customized construction with ensured quality.

The first step is listening so we can match your wants and needs with a plan for a customized house. Some buyers have specific ideas (even drawn plans and a purchased lot) and others have general ideas that are molded in the planning stage (some wish to customize a builders plan of their liking to meet their needs).

In the drafting stage, the blue prints are drawn and refined, based on your needs and budget. After final approval of the plan and price, we begin building. Through out the building process, you are in direct contact with the builder, as buyers are encouraged to call me about their concerns. Open communication, including a series of conferences and walk-throughs involve you in this process, keeping your expectations met.

Quality steps for building your new home or enhancing your current home:

Pre-construction - Review plot plan and placement of home on lot. Discuss grading, drainage, and any other lot preparation issues. Review contract condition.

Electrical conference - Review lighting, outlet location and other contract items.

Pre-drywall conference - Review type of flooring for each location, electrical, plumbing, HVAC rough-ins and any other contract conditions as needed.

Pre-closing orientation - Review of operation of mechanical systems including plumbing, electrical, and the heating/cooling system, plus items that need adjustments.

Closing - Sign documents, review any last minute questions and Thank You for allowing John Davis Building & Design to build your new home.

Contractor meetings - Personal attendance at any other scheduled meetings.

Agent Meetings - Your Real Estate Agent is encouraged to attend all conferences.

I personally attend each closing. You will receive information with organized folders and for each of the following:

Custom Kitchen
Dining Room & Entry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Fireplace
  • Sub-contractor contacts
  • Helpful maintenence and cleaning tips